THOT email accounts include webmail. For logging in, use your FULL email address ( and password. Once logged in, you will have the ability to configure your account, including organizing email folders and changing your password. A web interfeace for administrating your email account (changing password/creating forwarding address) can be found here. For those of you using 3rd party email software such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, THOT's email system supports IMAP folder synchronization as well as the more common POP3 protocal. When setting up your THOT email account for use with such software, use the same login/password information you use for webmail. Additionally, in order to send email via THOT's email server using 3rd party software, you must also enable SMTP authentication within the software. Enabling SMTP authentication with 3rd party email software such as Outlook or Thunderbird will require a login/password. Once again, use the same login/password you use for webmail. See a pattern here?
Email Administration
Email users can change their passwords and email forwarding options by clicking here. For you domain administrators, you can administrate your domain's email accounts (e.g. add mailboxes, enable email forwarding, etc.) by going here. Use the same login information that you'd use for your normal webmail account (remember: FULL email address and password). Does it seem like we're hammering the FULL email address thing? Have you heard quite enough about using your FULL email address to login?
Wordpress Blogging Software
Wordpress is the blogging/journal software package that we offer. If this software was included in your account, it can typically be found via web browser at "http://yourdomain/wp". Upon navigating to its main page, you will see a "login" button. Once logged in, you will be able to make entries, customize the layout, and change the software's configuration. Documentation for the software can be found here. Having issues with WordPress? Extensive help is available at the Wordpress Forums. Oh, and one other thing: might not want to make any negative comments about Macintosh in your web log or Mike may point your domain someplace nasty. Take it from someone who knows...
Gallery Software
Gallery is the software we offer that allows users to create and publish photo albums online. On a typical account, you can find find your Gallery install by pointing your web browser at "http://yourdomain/gallery". The first time you bring the page up you won't see any pictures. Guess why. Because you haven't added any pictures yet, genius! There is a "login" button on this page that will allow you to get started. You can then add users and grant them permissions over specific albums, etc. Gallery has an extensive following. Click here for access to their help section which includes everything from Frequently Asked Questions to Documentation to Support Forums. So check it out.
Log on to our BBS to gain direct access to issues raised by other customers and have the ability to ask questions yourself or offer information of your own. One or more of the four of us is typically lurking in the BBS at one time or another, so a response will likely be pretty quick.